As an artist, my creations are a reflection of my life experiences.

I have a wide range of interests and many talents so my style is never going to be boxed in or defined by a certain sound or look. You never know what is coming next so stay tuned!

I am from Oakland, CA. I have a passion for educating members of my community, particularly on financial literacy, because historically we have been left out of that education and missed out on opportunities. I started teaching myself the details of finance in 2020 and crypto currencies / Defi in 2021.

I believe blockchain technology will be as impactful on the world as the mass adoption of the internet in the '90s and '00s. I plan to be a trailblazer for artists and members of disenfranchised communities. My philanthropy is attached to my success so I will always be looking to find a way to weave that into the release of my art.

I appreciate your support!